Importance of Housekeeping in the Hotel Industry

Importance of Housekeeping in the Hotel Industry

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Housekeeping is one of the most important departments in a hotel. It plays a major role in keeping the hotel and its premises clean and inviting while ensuring the guests have a comfortable stay. One of the top responsibilities of the housekeeping department is to maintain the guest rooms in spic and span condition. With no evidence of any previous occupants, they need to ensure every room is completely clean from top to bottom. It is the efficiency and courteousness of the housekeeping staff that majorly determine whether or not the guests have a comfortable stay and if they will choose the hotel again in the future. 

1. Guest room management

Guest rooms are to be maintained by the housekeeping staff in a way that the guests feel safe and comfortable within. Every area of the rooms, including the restrooms, are to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. Bedding has to be done properly and efforts should be taken to keep the overall ambience of the room nice and pleasant. 

2. Cleaning and maintaining the common areas

Apart from maintaining the rooms, the housekeeping staff is also responsible for the upkeep of other common areas of the hotel. They maintain areas such as the floor, roof, elevators, lobbies and service stairways, shopping arcades, dining areas, gyms, banquet halls, and swimming pools, thus ensuring the guests are impressed and enjoy their stay thoroughly.

3. Maintaining various assets in the hotel facility

The housekeeping team cleans and maintains various assets in the hotel facility such as furniture and upholstery, carpets, decor items, and suchlike. This ensures that the investment of the hotel is preserved well and the expenses of replacing the above are avoided. These assets due to the extensive usage may suffer wear and team which is minimized by the efforts of the housekeeping staff. 

4. Disinfection and sanitisation

Disinfection and sanitisation of various areas and elements is the responsibility of the housekeeping department. This duty has gained more importance during the pandemic and is a deciding factor for the guests while choosing to stay at a hotel. For the safety of the guests and other occupants, the housekeeping staff carry out routine disinfection, especially in the high-touch areas.

5. Ensuring privacy, safety and a pleasant guest experience

The housekeeping staff ensure that the guests are not bothered or disturbed by anything during their stay. The guests should not worry about losing their belongings or facing any such negative experience. This is taken care of by professional and honest housekeeping staff members of the hotel. 

The above are only a few of the many duties of the housekeeping department. At Zyvana we professionally train our housekeeping team in various aspects of their jobs so that they can serve our clients better. As a result, our team has been instrumental in maintaining a high reputation for our clients and creating a positive guest experience. Our team members are often awarded and recognized by our clients for their honest deeds and efficient performance. We understand the importance of hotel housekeeping and abide by the highest industry standards. Connect with us to know more about our services.

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