Importance of Pest Control in the Hospitality Industry

pest control

Pest control is a topic of concern to businesses of all types and sizes. Regardless of the Industry, every responsible business management will ensure they have a commercial pest control program in place to fight the unwelcomed guests in their facility. But when it comes to businesses in the hospitality industry, the expected pest control standards are higher and is given more importance than in other industries. This is because, if the pest problems in a hotel or any other hospitality business are neglected, it can cost them their reputation and might also expose the business to lawsuits. Therefore, pest control is taken seriously by all professional facility management teams.

Main reasons why pest control is important in the hospitality industry:

1. Customer Experience and safety

In order to have a comfortable and enjoyable stay, customers expect their rooms and other areas of the hotel to be kept spic and span, which includes not having any signs of pest problems too. If a hotel or any other hospitality business fails to deliver such an experience, it will have an adverse effect on customer loyalty and will become a reason for poor customer ratings and reviews. Hence hotel pest control is imperative and should be carried out diligently by professionals.

2. The health of customers and employees

Pest problems and health issues come as a package. Not dealing with pests in a timely manner might make your customers and employees sick. Especially in areas such as commercial kitchens, restaurants, and suchlike, which are more prone to pest problems, proper pest control measures need to be taken. In such areas, just the customers noticing signs of pest problems can lead to serious trouble. In the worst-case scenario, if insects are found in the food or food serving areas, it can turn into a nightmare for the management of that facility, as such issues can lead to serious health problems for the guests

3. Brand Reputation

Signs of pest infestation is not expected in a reputed hotel or other hospitality facilities. Therefore, if professional pest control services are not availed by such a business, it can harm their reputation, especially if a visitor or customer chooses to mention this issue in their online review. This makes efficient pest control a matter of brand reputation.

4. Strict regulations

Hotels, restaurants and other such businesses are bound to follow certain standards and regulations of hygiene, which include pest control regulations. Concerned officials conduct inspections to ensure such regulations are followed and failure to do so can lead to serious legal consequences. This is one of the important reasons why such businesses make it a point to have efficient pest control measures taken in compliance with the regulations on their premises.

5. Save money

Other than all the above reasons, pest problems can cost businesses in the hospitality industry a lot of money. Pest infestations can ruin furniture, carpets, and other expensive decor items in a facility. Such items may become beyond repair as a result of pest infestation and the management will have to spend a lot of money to replace them. Hospitality businesses will also lose money in the form of fines if they are found not following the pest control regulations set out by the concerned authorities. Hence having a commercial pest control program in place can save hotels and other hospitality businesses a considerable amount of money. 

Professional pest control is very important in the hospitality industry. Pests can make their way into hospitality facilities in a lot of ways, which means pest control problems are bound to occur in these facilities. Pests can carry disease, damage products, compromise critical environments and taint reputation. Thus, it is essential for hospitality businesses to have an expert pest control team take care of their pest problems and have the necessary measures in place. At Zyvana, with years of experience, we prevent pest problems from becoming a major concern for our clients. Connect with us to know about our commercial pest control services.

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