Corporate Environment

Corporate Environment

The smooth functioning of any building depends on a balanced functioning of its electricity or energy, electronic provisions, civil, plumbing quality, waste management efficiency, housekeeping quality, and a secure atmosphere.       

A building facility that is managed well provides the most satisfactory experience to its occupants or visitors. And this is the real challenge.

Zyvana’s Corporate Environment Services provides critical support in ensuring the building facilities are functionable, presentable and risk free. Be it in cleaning & hygiene services, surface restoration or repair services, waste management, engineering, pest control, facade cleaning, security services, Zyvana’s team combine a high degree of Technical Skill, Professional Competence, Commitment to client needs all coming from 3 decades of experience!

For us, it’s not just about what is managed, but how it’s managed.

Cleaning & Maintenance

A clean premises leads to a healthy working atmosphere. Zyvana team focuses not just on cleaning but also on surface preservation, ambient health and user hygiene.

Restoration & Repairs

Natural Stone floor restoration like Granite, Marble, and additionally Concrete & Terrazo are our speciality. Team Zyvana is not only uniquely skilled in these but have the required technology to make them look new, render them stronger to last longer!

Pest Control

Pest Control is all about good identification, scheduling and supervision. We excel in these three, never failing to keep in mind environment & human safety.

Lawn & Gardening

Providing services in maintaining decorative lawns and gardens including mowing, trimming, cropping, manuring etc with highly productive manpower.

Floor Maintenance

With 30 years of pioneering floor restoration & maintenance systems, team Zyvana is a leader in not just maintaining healthy floors but preserving them for a longer time

High Rise

Our high rise experts are trained by international certified bodies and carry out advanced cleaning methods with high levels of safety. Its not just about cleaning but also repairs under special contracts.

Carpet Maintenance

Our Carpet crew is well trained by experts who are certified carpet inspectors from IICUC. Deep Extraction Cleaning, Wet and Dry Shampoo and day-to-day maintenance are part of the offerings

Guest Room Makeup

Maintaining Guest Rooms using environment and safety standard tasks are a speciality by Zyvana, using experienced and well trained team to perform comprehensive Room Upkeep tasks

Departure Clearance Contract

A unique guest room departure cleaning services based on occupancy levels, using the best skills with improved productivity delivering quality with economy.

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