Residence Management

Residence Management

Efficient maintenance and management are two important factors in raising the value of a good property. We understand that managing and maintaining residential complexes is a challenge for residents.

Elected representatives of residents’ associations may be able to handle planning, strategy and approval but require time, support and expertise for effective execution. Rising costs due to issues such as delays, sub-standard quality of labour and wrong choice of vendors is a fear they are plagued by. The type of work also varies. From routine, day to day maintenance to cyclical jobs like handling accounts to preventive and one-time projects like painting, re-laying of pipes and water treatment.

Such varied demands make it very tough for elected representatives, most of who have full time professional careers but want to contribute to the management and maintenance of the property.

Zyvana Residential Management Services brings to the tableIntegrated end- to-end services and solutions and unique measures of support to save residents’ time and maximize value.

General Cleaning

Overall cleaning of residences, including dusting, scrubbing and wash ups for a fresh and hygiene turnaround.

Washrooms Descaling & Cleaning

Specialized cleaning, mineral and oxidation deposits descaling, disinfecting services for washrooms, including fixtures descaling and maintenance polishing.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Shampooing, vacuuming, deep cleaning and anti mildew treatments.

Kitchen Degreasing, Descaling, Disinfecting & Cleaning

Degreasing of kitchen tiles, hoods, surfaces, descaling of fixtures and sinks, cleaning and disinfecting services.

Concierge Services

-> Travel & Accommodation*

-> Events*

-> Utilities*

-> Packing & Moving*

Assisted Living Care*

Services for assisted living, temporary housing for elders, home care services.

Pest Control

Providing professional pest control to solve your pest problems


Multiple surface coating systems for concrete, watertanks, pools, structures, metal etc for waterproofing and weatherproofing.

Floor Cleaning & Polishing

Natural stone cleaning, restoration and repolishing, including concrete.

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Efficient maintenance & management are two important factors in raising the value of a good property. We understand managing and maintaining residential complexes is a challenge

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