Speciality Services

Speciality Services

Building maintenance needs cleaning as a regular activity in its upkeep. This is essential to not only project a clean building but also convey its safe & hygiene image to the occupant or its visitor. However, just cleaning sometimes is not sufficient and there are specific problems that the building’s interiors or surfaces throw up – or simply, a cleaning or maintenance service that could help solve a persistent and nagging need. These needs require specially formulated actions that ensure they are resolved quickly and efficiently, but ensure they do not leave behind any damage and neither pose a threat to the building and its ambience. Not to mention that they may save some potential serious consequences. These, and many such other services which are unique are packaged ideally for your benefit. We at Zyvana have carved out such tasks as they require highly competent and skilled execution. These speciality services are, simply, very special and dedicated to the specific need with no unnecessary add-ons or frills. Without overlapping any other required or engaged works. Find your specific need, and we shall provide you specific solution.

Floor Treatment

With 30 years of pioneering floor restoration & maintenance systems, Zyvana is a leader in maintaining healthy floors and preserving them for a longer time, saving cost and time.

Carpet Care

Our Carpet crew is well trained by experts who are certified carpet inspectors from IICUC. Deep Extraction Cleaning, Wet and Dry Shampoo and day-to-day maintenance are part of the offerings.

Hi Rise

Our high rise experts are trained by international certified bodies and carry out advanced cleaning methods with high levels of safety.

Mobile Cleaning services

Anti-viral Disinfection & Anti-fungal Sanitisation, Carpet cleaning, Floor Polishing, Washroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, Anti Slip coating - Zyvana provides on-site cleaning services at your doorstep.

Guest Room Management

Maintaining Guest Rooms using environment and safety standard tasks are a specialty by Zyvana.

Assisted Living Care

Services for assisted living, temporary housing for elders, home care services.

Washroom Management

Specialized cleaning, mineral and oxidation deposits descaling, disinfecting services for washrooms, including fixtures descaling and maintenance polishing.

Aircraft Cleaning

Cleaning is an ordinary word, sounding simple until you have to carry out those tasks on surfaces that are high risk, highly volatile, & highly sensitive safety reasons. Aircrafts fall under this category. Its not just the methodology but the products and materials used that make a safe difference.

Patient handling services

Nursing attendants (non-medical) for home care and temporary care for the elderly and the dependent patients at home provided with professionally trained nursing attenders.

Project to Operations Transition Services (POTS)

There is always a no man’s land between the building project team and the building operational take over teams – especially in segments like hotels. This gap is addressed by a highly experienced team from Zyvana

Anti-Slip Safety Services

Make your current flooring safer with specialist Anti Slip treatment

Disinfection and Sanitization

Anti-viral disinfection & Sanitization treatment to prevent Virus Infection

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is the ultimate no-wax flooring material. It is an innovative, economical and sustainable process of mechanically grinding and polishing concrete.

Decorative & Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a versatile flooring option that is durable, customizable and easy to maintain. It can be a pleasant change from traditional concrete.

cHOOSE Our SErvices

Corporate Environment Services

Our Corporate Environment Services provides critical support in ensuring the building facilities are functionable, presentable and risk free

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Maintenance & Engineering

We provide state-of-the-art, trust-worthy, cost-effective and flexible solutions for maintenance in an apartment complex or gated community.

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Residence Management Services

Our Residential Management Services brings to table integrated end-to-end services and solutions and unique measures of support to save residents’ time

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Security Services

We provide security services and solutions that are: Intelligent, sophisticated and flexible. We are committed to providing our clients with the best service in the industry

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