Tips To Keep Your Space Smelling Good

Smell is often called humans’ most powerful sense. Good and unpleasant smells help us decide a lot such as what we should eat and whom we should spend time with. If a space smells good and fresh, we feel more comfortable and relaxed in it. Also a good smelling space helps  you in creating a better impression on your visitors. A space that smells good is also indicates good hygiene and cleanliness. 

You know how you notice a weird smell when you get back from a vacation? That’s what your home smells like all the time to your guests and visitors. But you do not realise it. That’s because the longer you’re exposed to scents, the less you will be able to catch them. This is because of a phenomenon called sensory adaptation or “nose-blindness.”

  Here are a few tips to help you keep your home or office smelling good:

  1. Tackle moisture by ensuring towels, sponges, bath mats, and suchlike are fully dry before using.

2. Dispose of the garbage daily and ensure your garbage baskets are clean.

3. Keep your refrigerator clean and dispose of expired food items.

4. Wash and clean soft surfaces such as cushion covers and carpets regularly.

5. Ensure proper ventilation and use products such as essential oils and candles to make your space smell good.

Depending on the various activities performed within your space, you are bound to wind up with a mixture of different smells. We all prefer to be in a space that smells good and we try to mask the bad smells in our space in various ways. But no matter how much you mask them artificially, the bad smells will be back after a while if the causes of such unpleasant smells are not eliminated. Above are some simple tips you could follow to keep your home or office smelling good. 

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