Good building management starts with right identification of needs, followed by planning and a viable execution model. But the results are always seen in the execution, Standards & Operating Procedures are good on paper but on ground, what is executed matters the most. And executing a good building maintenance plan is carried out by semi-skilled manpower, who may or may not have been exposed to the demands of the works required. This is where training comes handy – in fact it is more of transferring knowledge regularly and updating technology that makes for a more productive labour. A knowledgeable labour has no fear in carrying out a task confidently and is also capable of more than what his job demands. Such confidence is provided by a constant Competency Management observation, corrections based on the same and client feedback.

Zyvana, with its pioneering learning and development programs which has effectively trained and certified several professionals in the cleaning industry for 3 decades, has a dedicated vertical under the name ‘Lead & Partner’ – that’s the importance given to its employee training responsibilities.

All this effort, so YOU can confidently rest your concerns of clean, hygiene and safety qualities.

We also undertake dedicated workshops and programs on various learning modules.





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