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Our solutions transform your buildings and workspaces, making them safer, greener, more efficient and attractive to your customers.

Zyvana Integrated Services Pvt. Ltd. offers Comprehensive and Integrated Facility Management Solutions and caters to a cross section of customer base. Based on the rapid development of the service industry, Zyvana has created premium quality and unique services for the Private and Public Sectors by adopting and transferring the best practices of the service industry.

Zyvana provides expertised Corporate Environment Services, Residence Management Services, Security Services and Maintenance & Engineering services. Zyvana has not only acquired key accounts to establish a strong foothold in facilities management solutions, but have them as partners since 2 decades or more !

Sectors We Cover


Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Nursing Centers, Health Clubs, Clinics.


Hotels, Restaurants, Wedding Venues, Flight Catering.


University buildings, Colleges, Schools,
Hostels, Hostel kitchens.


Industries, Pharmaceutical, Automobile, Electronic etc


all sectors of banking industry including ATMs.


Corporate buildings, Software labs, Engineering Research Centres

Mind Behind Zyvana

Dr. Josyula .S. Shekar

The Director & Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Josyula .S. Shekar, has been a pioneer in outsourcing and facilities services in the hospitality and healthcare sector in India. He leads the team with confidence and ability of a seasoned professional with a history of bringing forth a unique service standard which changed the face of cleaning, building maintenance, environment and safety services in our country, and is today a benchmark in the trade !



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